Bridgeport, CT (January 16, 2013) – Big Joe Stomp Box Company has added two new pedals to their product line.

The B-601 Wah Wah is a simple to use, flexible tone monster. The 3-position character switch lets you select Classic, British or Big Joe resonance ranges. This gives you both of the vintage Wah Wah sounds associated with classic 60’s and 70’s rock history and a broader bandpass shape provided by the Big Joe profile for a unique, more meaty, tone signature. Each setting is custom tweaked and centered around a proprietary design, specially voiced, vintage-spec custom inductor. From looks to growl, this Wah is vintage rock-n-roll tone. On/off LED indicates when pedal is engaged.

The B-602 Volume features a uniquely buffered, true bypass active design with 3-position function switch. Choose, classic buffered volume, -12dB, or Program modes. In Program mode two, user controlled, variable pots allow you to select max 6-18db of gain and 0 to full cut. True bypass all active circuitry is capable of driving both high and low impedance loads. On/off LED indicates when pedal is engaged.

The Wah Wah and Volume pedals join six stomp boxes in the Big Joe lineup; The Vintage Tube with its syrupy smooth warm tube dynamics; The Vintage Tube 2 and its four tasty tube profiles with cabinet simulation; The Classic Tube features a Texas flood style grit; The Saturated Tube sports a British vibe; The Hard Tube achieves a steroid stack overdrive with endless harmonic sustain; The Phaser has a sweet vintage analog sound with a unique variable wet/dry mix control; A rugged, high quality A/B Switcher rounds out lineup.

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