California (April 16, 2013) -- The Crossover Distortion pedal harnesses the power of multiband distortion by placing a steep-slope, continuously variable crossover in front of two independent mosfet overdrive circuits. Essentially bi-amping in a box, this pedal allows guitar players to create big layered tones previously only accessible in the studio. Its unique circuit design greatly reduces intermodulation distortion, creating an overdriven tone with unprecedented clarity and response to picking dynamics.

The Crossover Distortion is already showing up onstage with innovative guitar players like Eenor Wildeboar (Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade, Muz Mezmer, Yard Dogs Road Show), who offered this review of the pedal: “Some appreciate the splitting of the atom, though I suspect with time those in favor of that achievement are justifiably dwindling. A much better split is achieved by those over at Brimstone Audio who have tamed the beast of splatty, fizzy, tinny and muddy tones by splitting the world of overdrive, giving us luscious control of all frequencies found in the wide band of growl punch and rock n roll butter. You guys suck for not making this 20 years ago.”

Built to last using the highest quality parts in California, USA, the crossover distortion offers these groundbreaking features:

  • Continuously variable crossover: splits signal into highs and lows
  • Two independent, discreet, and transparent mosfet overdrive circuits: distort the high and low band separately, reducing intermodulation distortion
  • ‘Mix’ and ‘Master’ controls: achieve optimal volume and balance between high and low frequencies
  • Uniquely designed tone controls for each frequency band
  • Metalized film capacitors throughout the audio path: maintains integrity of tone
  • Internal 18v power supply from 9v source: provides maximum headroom

The Crossover Distortion pedal carries a retail price of $299.

For more information:
Brimstone Audio