San Antonio, TX (June 22, 2012) - Dynamo Amplification introduced its newest model, the M50X at the 2012 New York Amp Show. The M50X (nicked named “The Bed Room Warrior”) is a 50 watt single channel  high gain amp that has a “balls to the walls” tone only comparable to the super guitar rigs of the late '80s metal gods. This is accomplished by an ultra high gain preamp that is handwired point-to-point with four 12AX7 preamp tubes feeding a pair of EL34 power tubes. With a modest price tag of $1,799, this amp is hand built in North Texas, USA, and built to 100% mil-spec using only high-end audiophile grade components and premium Mercury Magnetics transformers. Dynamo designed the amp to produce a very polished professional concert tone comparable to the days of running custom modified Marshall's and high dollar rack systems and signal processors to achieve such a big tone. Like its bigger brothers in the Dynamo line, this amp offers an amazing high definition concert tone that’s warm, pure, lush, tight, and focused at all volumes.

The M50X is matched to GT212 cab that can be loaded with a range of speakers from FANE, ASW, Jensen, and Eminence with the designer’s favorites being the ASW KTS-70 for best overall tone, and The Jensen Jet Electric lightning for slightly more edge and attack.

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