New York, NY (February 16, 2012) -- The 12AY7/6072A EH is a small signal, twin triode tube. Almost all Fender Tweed-Era amplifiers used the 12AY7 in their first preamp stage. Tone aficionados know and revere the distinctive “Tweed” sound and the 12AY7, with its very linear characteristics and minimal microphonics, is an integral part of that magic.

If you own a later model Fender with a 12AX7 in the first preamp stage, you can replace it with the 12AY7 EH to capture some of the signature tone of a Tweed-Era Fender.

The lower mu factor of the 12AY7/6072A EH also spreads the sweep of the gain and volume controls making it easier to find the perfect sweet spot. The higher transconductance and linearity of the tube make the response very touch sensitive and expressive.

The 12AY7/6072A EH can also be used in later model Marshall amplifers to lower the background noise of the preamp and get the gain structure closer to Plexi and early 1970s Marshalls. In fact, changing the first tube to a 12AY7 EH IN ANY guitar amp will create a warmer vintage tone.

The 12AY7/6072A EH is available for $14.

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