Anaheim, CA (January 17, 2012) -- Electroplex Amplifers unveils the Rocket Mk II Series of high-performance all-tube amplifiers. With all of the features of the original Rocket series, the new Mk II series feature a new voicing for both the “clean” and “overdrive” channels. The original Rocket series voicing, to be designated as the “Rocket Mk I Series”, will continue to be available.

The new voicing of the Rocket Mk II Series extends the bass response of both channels while keeping the distinct mid-frequency and high-end emphasis of the original Rockets. The result is a new “Rocket” experience: the distinctly new response gives single-coil guitars such as Strat’s and Tele’s the punch and drive of humbucker guitars, while keeping the sparkle and chime that single-coils are famous for. And for humbucker guitars the Mk II Rockets deliver the growl and sting that humbuckers demand. From the Rocket 90 down to the Rocket 22, the new Mk II’s retain the touch response and gain control of the Mk I Rockets.

To launch of the Mk II series Rockets Electroplex is introducing the Rocket 50 Mk II 1x15 combo. This combo features a Weber 15” Blue Dog alnico speaker to reproduce the sparkling highs and punchy lows of the new Mk II voicing.

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