Ottawa, Ontario(July 27, 2011) -- Empress Effects will be releasing their new Compressor pedal in the first week of August at a street price of $249. 

Attack and release controls give you precise control over the compression characteristics of the guitar signal. Fast attack times (down to 50 microseconds) allow for 1176-like compression that has been unavailable in a pedal until now. The mix knob lets the player blend wet (compressed) and dry signals in parallel, allowing for transparent dynamic control.

A gain reduction meter helps set the compressor to function optimally. Also available is input metering and “both” which overlaps the input and gain reduction meters. With 3 available compression ratios (2:1, 4:1 and 10:1) there is a huge range of sounds available.

A sidechain has also been added, which allows for adjustment of the signal going to the compression circuit or for keying.

Not limited to the guitar, this compressor works great on bass, keys or even vocals.

The Empress Compressor will be available from Empress Effects dealers worldwide as well as online athttp://store.empresseffects.comin the first week of August.

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