Clifton, NJ (April 26, 2012) – Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the Providence FDR-1 Flame Drive. The Flame Drive is the first model in Providence’s new “F” Series of pedals, which will replace their coveted “Free the Tone” line of hand-built effects.

The Flame Drive is an extremely versatile pedal that can deliver anything from sweet, silky overdrive to edgy, overtone-rich distortion. It features a fast attack response that easily tracks the most detailed picking nuances, creating an eminently musical, amp-like distortion that is never flat or muddy sounding.

In addition to standard drive, tone and level controls, the Flame Drive also features a Bass Boost switch for added low-end punch.

The Flame Drive features Providence’s innovative “Vitalizer” noiseless switching circuit which consists of a low-impedance output buffer combined with a filtering circuit that mimics the tonality and feel of a 15’ cable plugged directly between the guitar and amp.

The Flame Drive also features a Double-Contact Grounding circuit (D.C.G.). With the D.C.G., the sleeve plug connects to the output jack makes two points of contact with the pedal’s ground circuit, greatly reducing the risk of intermittent connections and improving overall sound quality.

The Providence Flame Drive List/Street Price is $399 and the pedal is currently shipping.

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