Kansas City, MO (Jan 18, 2012) —  JHS Pedals is proud to announce the long awaited JHS Panther Analog Tap Tempo Delay. The Panther Delay utilizes a 100% analog signal path and 3205 bucket brigade chip sets and can be controlled by the internal tap-tempo or an external tap tempo pedal. We developed the Panther based based on the demand and uniqueness of true analog delay tones while incorporating a set of features and functions that sets this pedal above others in its category.  Here is a brief synopsis of the Panther's features and functions:

Features & Functions
  • 100% Analog delay signal path utilizing 3205 bucket brigade chip sets
  • A full 1 second of delay time available
  • Built in modulation – (Speed/Depth) that works with the tap tempo enabled
  • Effects Loop – a traditional send/return that allows any effect or chain to be applied to the repeats only
  • Tap Tempo Control – that is dead accurate and doesn't fall off like other units
  • Ratio Control – for choosing quarter notes, dotted eighths, eighths, and triplet divisions
  • Dry Out Jack – passes an un-affected signal allowing stereo fielding options
  • Expression Control Jack – control the Ratio, Mod Depth, Mod Speed, or Delay Speed with any TRS expression pedal
  • Chirp Toggle Switch – a 2-position toggle to choose between chirpy repeats or darker repeats
  • Runs on standard* 9V DC center negative Boss style pose, requires only 100mA
  • Tap Tempo In/Out* – allows Panther to be controlled by an external Tap OR slave another tap tempo drive delay to the Panther and control it by the Panther's onboard Tap.
  • Knobs of the Panther are as follows (Left-to-Right) Feedback / Mix / Time / Mod Speed / Mod Depth / Ratio Control
  • Footswitches of the Panther are as follows (Left-to-Right) True-Bypass on-off / EFX Loop on-off / Tap Tempo
  • Dimensions: 7.38" x 4.7" x 1.3”
  • Power: 9v DC Center Negative
  • Enclosure - Silver powerboat
  • Knobs - Aluminum
  • Jacks - Neutrik

Panther Analog Tap Tempo Delay is available for $499.

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