Los Angeles, CA (April 4, 2012) – Perri Ink Custom Guitars announced today the company is revamping its operations, and launching new instrument and hardware lines.

The Perri Ink Cartel opened its hybrid doors last year, breaking new ground as the first store of its kind to include custom guitars, custom motorcycles, a tattoo and piercing parlor, barber shop, and clothing line under one roof. In addition to the retail store, The Cartel expanded recently to include a full service garage in the back of the shop.

In addition to changes behind the scenes, the instruments themselves are undergoing modifications as well. The brand has since parted ways with Warmoth and other manufactures who supplied parts for previous models.

This new line of custom guitars is being kicked off with the Eagle 84; a stripped down, vintage inspired design combining attributes of some of Perri's favorite guitars.

As well as debuting new models, Perri has also begun work on a line of customized and worn guitar accessories and hardware. Called the Garage Series, these distinctive pieces will follow the aesthetics of the guitars themselves; one-off and completely unique.

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