Winston Salem, NC (January 12, 2013) -- The new Brit 50 is a 50-watt, hand-wired, single channel plug in and play rock machine. The Brit 50 nails the hot-rodded, British voiced amplifier that we all know and love. It can cover a broad expanse of tone ranges from medium gain to the more overdriven, modern day rock sound. With the addition of your favorite overdrive or boost pedal, players can send the amp far into high gain territory. The Brit 50 has a big and tight bottom end, aggressive midrange, and smooth high end that cuts through a band mix. Designed with a responsive tone circuit, the Brit 50 can move from a hard grinding growl to clean with just a touch of the guitar’s volume knob. While bedroom guitarists can get great low volume tones, this amp is designed to be turned up!

The Port City Brit 50 features:
• Volume, gain, treble, middle, bass and presence controls
• Resonance knob (Located on the rear panel)
• 2 – EL34 power tubes
• 3 – JJ preamp tubes
• 50 watts
• Optional effects loop

The Port City Brit 50 is handmade in North Carolina using only the highest quality components such as Mojotone Dijon capacitors, carbon film resistors, custom USA made transformers, PVC coated copper wire and Switchcraft jacks. The Sterling head enclosure is crafted from ¼" inch finger jointed solid pine.

Retail $1875
Custom color tolex $75
Metro Zero Loss Effects loop $100

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