San Diego, CA (November 3, 2011) -- The Rack Gizmo is the new flagship switching product of the RJM Music line. For years now, professional and amateur players alike have been relying on RJM Music Technology effect switching systems to be the core of their guitar rigs, helping them integrate all of their effects and amps into a reliable, easy to use system. The Rack Gizmo is the latest generation, building on the proven designs of the RG-16 and Effect Gizmo products and adding new features and improved performance.

The Rack Gizmo is a MIDI-based device that enables guitarists to control virtually any combination of available amplifiers and effects units with a simple MIDI footswitch. The Rack Gizmo provides eight audio loops for switching effects devices and amplifiers, eight function switches for MIDI control of amplifier functions, and a professional quality audio buffer, all in a compact, single rack space design.

The Rack Gizmo offers a highly intuitive user interface that's easy to program and use via front panel buttons and LEDs. Up to 256 programs can be saved in memory, and the unit provides phantom power to compatible MIDI devices when used with a standard 7-pin MIDI cable. A wide range of custom cables are available to address most of the more popular amplifiers and devices, including amplifiers by Mesa/Boogie, Marshall, Fender and Peavey.

“In the Rack Gizmo, we were able to incorporate everything we’ve learned since the RG-16 was released. We’ve improved audio performance, added stereo capability, included the best version to date of our Click Stopper circuit, provided a front panel MIDI jack and put everything into a sturdier enclosure,” according to Ron Menelli, President and Chief Engineer.

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