Overflowing overdrive options—without option fatigue.

Fantastic sounds throughout. Compact and convenient.

Pricey. Some learning curve if you want to get the most out of the pedal.


RJM Music Overture


I usually keep three dirt pedals on my main board. You might have more. Lots of dirt options are fun! But what we gain in tonal variety from such set ups, we lose in valuable pedalboard space. The RJM Overture, an all-analog, digitally controlled programmable overdrive pedal with six distinct modes, offers a viable solution to this problem that doesn't skimp on the sounds.

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The reunited duo shares stories about favorite axes, and demonstrates how they craft their rootsy twin-guitar attack.

Rich Robinson and Marc Ford (above right) were the Black Crowes’ Ronnie and Keith during the peak of the band’s historic run. Back together in the newly formed The Magpie Salute, Robinson and Ford remain a two-guitar snarling attack that grooves hard with tube-driven tone and show us their wares before a gig at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works.

Thanks, Doug "Red" Redler, guitar tech and author of Guitarist’s Guide to Maintenance and Repair.

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Guitarists Eric Cannata and Jacob Tilley demonstrate how offset axes and tone-bending noisemakers provide the band’s sonic bedrock. 

PG was invited to a practice space in Nashville during Young the Giant’s rehearsals for the band’s upcoming Home of the Strange tour. Guitarists Eric Cannata (above right) and Jacob Tilley hang for a long time explaining how custom guitars and a bevy of pedals play into their live sound.

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