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RJM Music Releases the Overture Programmable Overdrive

RJM Music Releases the Overture Programmable Overdrive

A deeply customizable stomp that features MIDI, 8 different storable presets, and six different overdrive tones.

Vista, CA (February 16, 2021) -- RJM Music Technology Inc., announces the Overture, a fully programmable overdrive effect pedal with a 100% analog signal path.

The Overture combines six great classic and modern overdrive tones and puts them all into one fully programmable pedal. Create up to 8 different presets and recall them with the press of a button.

Four of the overdrive modes are based on classic pedals: Classic, Boutique, Versatile and Smooth. The other two, Clean Boost and Crunch are RJM Music originals. An additional pre-boost circuit can also be switched in to boost the input of any of the overdrive modes, with up to 12dB of additional gain.

High quality components are used throughout the Overture, and the incoming 9-volt power supply is boosted internally to 18 volts for the best performance from the circuit. This makes the Overture very dynamic and "big" sounding.

The Overture has extensive MIDI capabilities. Using a MIDI controller expands the number of available presets to 100. Parameters can be adjusted in real time using MIDI Continuous Controller messages, like those sent by a MIDI connected expression pedal. Two 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors are available for MIDI connections. A USB-C connector is also available for direct connection to a computer, tablet or phone.

The Overture overdrive pedal is now available for pre-order at and at RJM Music Dealers. The Overture is expected to begin shipping on March 1st, 2021. and has a US street price of $399.

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