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RJM Music Unveils the PBC/6X

RJM Music Unveils the PBC/6X

An all-in-one loop switching system and MIDI controller.

Vista, CA (April 22, 2019) -- RJM Music Technology Inc., announces the Mastermind PBC/6X, an all-in-one loop switching system and MIDI controller for guitar and bass pedalboards.

After releasing the original Mastermind PBC in 2015, it quickly became clear that customers liked many of the features of the new product, but wanted a smaller, lower cost version that would work well for smaller pedalboards and fly rigs. Also, many customers really wanted the ability to change the order of the PBC’s loops on the fly.

After a great deal of development time spent to get the details just right, the final result combines the best features of the original Mastermind PBC in a smaller footprint, and yes, programmable loop order!

The Mastermind PBC/6X’s features include:

  • A fully programmable system that can be configured for simultaneous control of your effects, amplifier channel switching and MIDI devices
  • 6 audio loops, 3 of which can be configured for mono or stereo operation
  • A buffered insert loop that can be used for a 7th pedal, or for special wiring configurations like the “four cable method” or wet/dry systems
  • Matrix switching that allows programmable reordering of loops
  • 2 function switches for amplifier channel control
  • An integrated tuner
  • Easy to read LCD display that can display preset and song names, plus other status
  • A full-featured MIDI controller that can send any type of MIDI message
  • USB port you can use to connect to a PC or Mac computer, for use with our Mastermind Editor or DAW software
  • Basic configuration on the PBC/6X itself using its setup menu, or use the Mastermind Editor software for more advanced configuration

The Mastermind PBC/6X is now available to order at The PBC/6X ships mid-April 2019 and has a a street price of US $699.

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