Livonia, MI (Jan 16, 2012) -- Reverend Guitars is launching the second Pete Anderson Signature model, the Eastsider. The guitar is an homage to vintage guitars with a number of traditional features, while still maintaining the Reverend innovation.

The Eastsider has a Korina body, a satin finish, and a compound radius fretboard. Add to that: custom alnico pickups, stainless steel saddles, and a graphite nut.

Reverend Guitars is the 1st to offer Railhammer brand pickups as a stock option in a guitar. The Chisel bridge and neck pickups have rails under the wound strings and pole pieces under the plain strings for a perfect tonal balance. The pickups were invented by Reverend’s founder, Joe Naylor.

Railhammers are natural accomplices to the Reverend Sensei. A Satin Black or Wine Red finish and an ebony fretboard complete the model. The Sensei RA is now available at Reverend Dealers worldwide. It is the first in the RA series, all of which will feature the Railhammer brand pickups.

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