Montreal, Quebec (September 21, 2012) – SolidGoldFX proudly announces the Apollo phase shift pedal. The Apollo is an original design combining a unique sounding, all-analog 4-stage phaser circuit with our tap tempo controller. A wide array of features makes this a great sounding and versatile pedal, while a simple and straightforward layout make it easy to use.

A number of key features set the Apollo apart. To start, the Apollo is equipped with our proprietary tap tempo microprocessor. As such, the effect’s rate can be set using the speed knob, or tapped in via the tap foot-switch for greater accuracy. The pedal also features a tap multiplier with 1x, 2x, and 4x multiplier settings.

Three distinct waveform settings, including sine, randomizer and manual settings, and eight different rhythmic modes via the Mode knob offer an infinite number of tonal textures and possibilities. In the randomizer setting, the Apollo applies stepped phase shifts at random intervals for truly creative tones while the Manual mode allows you to control the phase sweep itself either by foot using the expression pedal input or with the depth knob.

Finally, the Apollo is equipped with Depth and Regen controls to dial in just the right amount of phasing texture and thickness. A standard 2.1mm 9vDC input jack is provided and true bypass switching rounds out the package. Our goal was to build a modern sounding phaser with innovative new features.

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