Clifton, NJ (November 29, 2012) – Tech 21 has made several updates to their Boost DLA analog delay emulator pedal, including changing the former Flutter control to Tape Drift. Rather than evenly modulating the delayed signal, Tape Drift adds a random, unpredictable element which is more true to a vintage tape echo. Additionally, Triplets has become Dotted 8th. When engaged, it shifts the timing from 1/4-note mode to play back in dotted eighth notes for achieving those distinctive Pink Floyd/U2-style sounds.

With the recent expansion of their Boost Series pedals, Tech 21 has also changed the look of the Boost DLA to complement the line. All other main features remain intact: Dedicated Tap Tempo function footswitch; clean Boost function for up to 9dB of added volume; a single, continuously-variable Time control with a smooth, full sweep of delay up to 1,000 milliseconds; Trails to allow the natural decay of the delay signal rather than cutting it off abruptly; and Feedback which can be thrown into a state of self-oscillation -- great for gigs when the Klingons are in town. Mix, Feedback, Fidelity (formerly designated as “Tone”) and Level controls are 100% analog for authentic, organic sounds --and no latency.

The Boost DLA is engineered so the user can explore and custom tailor such delay styles as vintage tape, bucket brigade as well as digital. Designed with user-tweakable, “lo-fi” analog technology, you can manipulate the controls to infuse degrees of warmth and life characteristic of vintage delays. This circuitry intentionally injects the inherent imperfections of vintage units, which is what makes them so seductive and nostalgic.

Other features include 1megOhm high-impedance 1/4” input, 1kOhm low-impedance 1/4” output, custom silent-switching actuator, sturdy metal construction. Operable with 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC2). Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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