A simple, yet tasteful, reverb.

Ocala, FL (September 23, 2015) -- Adding to the company’s line of hand crafted effects pedals, Backwoods Music has released the Nightcap Reverb.

The Nightcap is a warm and tasteful spring reverb emulator that ranges from a shot of echo to dripping dreamscapes of slightly modulated ambience. It has an exceptional range of tones with only two controls. Like all Backwoods Music pedals it fully embraces the mantra, “A simple approach to great tone.”


  • 2 Controls: Mode (Slapback, Room, Hall, Arena) & Mix
  • Slapback: Rapid decay
  • Room: Similar to a spring reverb unit on a tube amp
  • Hall: 2-3 secs decay times for moody ambience
  • Arena: Decay times exceeding 5 secs for dripping undertones
  • Minimal pedalboard foot print
  • Soft Touch True Bypass
  • Power: 9V DC Negative Center
  • Designed and Hand Crafted in the USA

The Nightcap Reverb retails for $179.00

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Backwoods Music

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