BC Audio Introduces 1x12 and 2x12 Cabs

New “Hot-Rod” Guitar Speaker Cabinets from Award-Winning Boutique Amp Builder

San Francisco, CA (January 27, 2011) ‐‐ BC Audio introduces Celestion-loaded guitar speaker cabinets to match their eye-catching and critically acclaimed amp heads.

BC Audio’s new speaker cabinets are available in 1x12 and 2x12 closed‐back designs with power-handling ranging from 25 to 140 watts. The cab designs echo the hot‐rod looks of BC Audio’s amp heads, featuring an offset vertical racing stripe. “The racing stripe was inspired by my love of motorsports, and reflects the ‘hot‐rodded plexi’ sound of the recently introduced Amplifier No. 8,” says BC Audio founder and award‐winning guitarist Bruce Clement.

The standard colors are black with a red stripe. Other colors are available, including “Vette” (red with white stripe), “Stang” (white with blue stripe) and “Gulf” (light blue with orange and black stripes). The speaker cloth is woven cane.

Speaker selections include Celestion Vintage 30, G12H‐30 and Greenback. Customers may order mixed speakers in the 2x12 cabinet. Features include void‐free Birch ply construction, high‐quality levant coverings, woven cane grill cloth, chrome plated hardware, and dual input jacks for daisy‐chaining multiple cabs. The 2x12 features black recessed side handles and casters. The cabs are closed‐back designs for punch and projection.

Pricing depends on chosen speakers, and starts at $395 for the 1x12, $575 for the 2x12.

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