Bedell Guitars Introduces the Antiquity Milagro

The sides and back are sourced from a miraculous Brazilian rosewood tree that is estimated to have germinated in the early 1600s.

Bend, OR (April 2, 2014) -- The luthiers at Bedell Guitars are designing very special, one-of-a-kind instruments from extraordinary tonewood sets: unique in their story, age, tonal quality, and beauty. Bedell Antiquity instruments are steeped in history; each one comes to life with the story of magnificent tonewoods sprouting during bygone eras in lands near and far. As with all Bedell guitars, great care is taken to ensure that these woods are legally and ethically sourced and that we have CITES documentation with a clear, documented chain of custody.

One of the most inspiring examples of the new Bedell Antiquity series is the Antiquity Milagro – a National Geographic style story set in the 17th century, telling the tale of two seeds germinating in the Americas over 7,000 miles apart.

The sides and back of the parlor shaped body of the Antiquity Milagro are sourced from The Milagro tree, a miraculous Brazilian rosewood tree that is estimated to have germinated in the early 1600s. The Bedell Antiquity Milagro pairs the Brazilian rosewood back and sides with a salvaged Sitka spruce top, hand-selected by Tom Bedell. This 400-year old Sitka spruce tree has gifted its beautiful tonewood featuring warmth, resonance and sustain, offering a distinct grain pattern that enhances both the visual and aural aspects of the wood. Combining Milagro Brazilian rosewood and ancient Sitka spruce gives us a once-in-a-lifetime miracle.

The craftspeople at Bedell Guitar’s shop in Bend, OR, are handcrafting the most exquisite guitars available on the market today – guitars that are certain to be coveted by serious collectors and devoted enthusiasts – but more importantly, we are crafting these guitars in a way that ensures we leave the planet a better place for the eras yet to come.

This one of a kind guitar is available exclusively at The Guitar Store in Seattle, Washington.

For more information:
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