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Benson Amps Releases the Monarch Reverb and Chimera Reverb

Benson Amps Releases the Monarch Reverb and Chimera Reverb

A new pair of grab-and-go combos with built-in reverb.

Portland, OR (January 4, 2017) -- In response to the gigging musicians’ desire for Benson designs in grab-and-go format with built-in reverb, Benson is releasing two new combos: the 15-watt Monarch Reverb 1x12, and the 30-watt Chimera Reverb 2x12 combo. Both designs implement tube-driven spring reverb based on the Tall Bird standalone unit, but in such a way that doesn’t compromise the existing circuit design of either which was a concern for designer Chris Benson.

“Designers often sacrifice both sound and simplicity in order to implement reverb. We wanted to do it in a transparent way that doesn’t affect what we liked about the pre-reverb design.”

From a technical perspective, the new combos utilize a high input impedance tube buffer where the reverb send signal taps off the first gain stage, and then an old tube mixer trick implemented in the return stage that doesn’t add or subtract anything. The result is an easier way to get your tone to a gig for Benson players.

Both amps are offered with custom finishes, as well as choice of speakers and rectifiers.

The Monarch Reverb combo retails for $2,499, and the Chimera Reverb combo retails for $2,799.

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