Big Tone Music Brewery Introduces the Quadboost

The Quadboost is Big Tone Music Brewery’s expansion upon the BYOC Triboost.

Richland, VA (April 24, 2014) -- Big Tone Music Brewery, the sister company of DIY FX company, Build Your Own Clone, has just released the Quadboost – 4 of the most popular boost circuits in a single pedal.

The Quadboost is Big Tone Music Brewery’s expansion upon the BYOC Triboost. In addition to germanium, silicon, and MOSFET boosts, the Quadboost also has a JFET boost and a 2-band EQ control making it the ultimate boost and preamp stomp box.

A four-way rotary switch allows you to select from the following boost circuits:

  • germ – a gritty germanium boost based on the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster featuring an N.O.S. European-made Germanium transistor
  • sil – a punchy silicon transistor boost based on the Electro Harmonix LPB-1 that excels at boosting lower frequencies
  • jfet – an ultra-clean cascaded JFET boost based on the Keeley Katana
  • mos – a sparkly MOSFET boost based on the Zvex Super Hard On

Universal 2-band Baxandall EQ lets you turn any of the boosts in the Quadboost into a treble boost, bass boost, mid boost (cut both treble and bass to boost mids), or leave the knobs at noon for a perfect linear boost. The 2-band EQ also makes it the perfect preamp stomp box, so if you’re a fan of the BOSS FA-1 FET Preamp, you’ll love the Quadboost.

Internal 18V charge pump supplies the EQ circuit and JFET circuit with higher voltage for more headroom and more output, while allowing you to use a standard 9VDC negative tip adapter.

MSRP $179.99 USD

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