The JJN-20R MkII limited-edition combo has all the features of its bigger counterpart, but in a combo.

Melville, NY (May 11, 2020) -- Jared James Nichols spent most of 2019 on a global tour promoting his signature JJN-20RH MkII valve head with matching JJN-212VOC MkII cabinet creating excitement and demand for a JJN-20R MkII limited edition combo. Blackstar’s latest edition to Jared’s signature line up features the same stunning racing green tolex and a distinctive tilt-back design, making the amplifier look just as good as it sounds.

“My signature head and cabinet define my live tone, but fans would ask me can I get it in a combo? So here it is! All the features and cool cosmetics of its big brother but in combo format,” shared Nichols. “It’s great for me playing at home too, I’ve been using the JJN-20R combo on all my live streams and it sounds incredible.”

Jared has been using Blackstar for nine years to deliver his unique tone. His high energy performances and ‘pick-less’ guitar playing technique have seen his reputation continue to grow year on year, as more people are introduced to his unique blend of blues grit and gusto, through to bombastic arena size rock ‘n’ roll.

The JJN-20R MkII limited edition combo is now available for $729.99

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