Blakhart Guitars Introduces the Phil Fasciana Signature Model

The guitar comes loaded with EMG pickups and a Floyd Rose trem system.

Sioux Falls, SD (September 8, 2014) -- With roots deeply embedded in extreme music, Blakhart guitars and basses deliver with unmatched style, quality, features and pricing.

Black instruments are designed and built for the touring musician and the HEX Philip Fasciana Signature is feature-packed and built to perform. Designed and built to the exact specifications of death metal legend Phil Fasciana, the Blakhart HEX FM is feature packed and built to perform and withstand the rigors of the road as well as the scrutiny of the studio.

Phil formed Malevolent Creation in 1987 and is undeniably one of the godfathers of extreme music. The HEX FM is built on a solid mahogany body and maple neck topped with and ebony fretboard. One of the only true neck-thru construction guitars of this design, the HEX FM is topped with a premium flamed maple top and loaded with components that can handle anything thrown at it...and look good doing it. This 25-1/2" scale, 24-fret tone machine is loaded with these killer elements:

  • Floyd Rose Trem
  • EMG 81/85 pickups
  • Neck-thru construction
  • Grover mini-rotomatic tuners
  • Micro sharkfin inlays
  • All Blakhart guitars and basses include a premium fitted case

The Blakhart product like encompasses a wide range from 6, 7 and 8 string guitars with a retail range of $550.00 and $1,049.00 and 4, 5, 6 and 7 string basses that have a retail range of $375.00 and $899.00.

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