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Trem King Introduces New TKS Model Vibrato

September 9, 2013

Forth Worth, TX (September 9, 2013) -- Trem King Vibrato may look the same from the outside, but the re-designed inner workings of the New TKS model make it the best whammy yet.

The new TKS model Trem King incorporates a newly designed tone block and tension bar that provide the smoothest transition through the zero point ever. Flutter is now an option with the Trem King TKS model. Still able to dive bomb an octave and come back perfectly in tune, the newly designed tone block springs let you pull up farther than ever before.


  • New design Tension Bar and Tone Block for smoother vibrato effect
  • New design tone block spring prevents breakage during upbends
  • AAA Grade suede leather that won’t break down over time
  • Longer Whammy Arm provides better leverage
  • GraphTech Fossillite Saddle pins that last forever

The Trem King TKS models are available in several finishes for strat, tele and other style solid body electric guitars. Suggested retail price is TKS-1 $179.95; TKS-2 $199.95; TKS-3 $189.95.

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