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DigiTech Releases Bass Whammy

January 23, 2014

Anaheim, CA (January 23, 2014) -- Who says guitar players have all the fun? HARMAN’s DigiTech today announced the introduction of its next-generation Bass Whammy, bringing the legendary pitch-shifting effect to bass players everywhere. The DigiTech Bass Whammy is optimized for bass guitar tones and maintains all the classic settings of the original pedal while offering a host of modern upgrades including true bypass, MIDI operation and more.

The Bass Whammy is ideal for use with four, five and six string electric basses and employs extremely accurate pitch detection and polyphonic note tracking. The pedal offers two tracking modes, Classic and Chords. Classic mode provides accurate tracking for single note bass lines while Chords mode uses a sophisticated polyphonic algorithm for the smoothest chordal pitch shifting availble.

“The DigiTech Bass Whammy opens up a vast new range of musical possibilities that are impossible to achieve otherwise,” said Scott Klimt, marketing manager, DigiTech. “Now, adventurous bassists can express themselves with everything from subtle glissandos to outrageous pitch leaps that go beyond the normal range of a bass – way beyond.”

The DigiTech Bass Whammy offers nine Whammy bending modes from 2-octaves up through 1-octave down, nine Harmony bending modes from 2-octaves up through 1-octaves down and Shallow and Deep detune modes. The Bass Whammy’s true bypass operation ensures that it can be added to any rig without any adverse effect on sound quality, unlike some non-bypass pedals that can thin and weaken the sound of a bass. The Bass Whammy includes a MIDI input that allows control of the pedal from an external MIDI device, and a 9-Volt DC power adapter. Like all DigiTech pedals, the Bass Whammy is built road-tough with an all-metal chassis.

The DigiTech Bass Whammy will be available in March 2014 at a suggested retail price of $279.95.

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