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BOSS Announces the CP-1X Compressor Pedal and AD-2 Acoustic Preamp

BOSS Announces the CP-1X Compressor Pedal and AD-2 Acoustic Preamp

A next-generation guitar compressor pedal and an advanced sound processor for performing live with acoustic-electric guitars.

Los Angeles, CA (October 27, 2016) -- Boss announces the AD-2 Acoustic Preamp, an advanced sound processor for performing live with acoustic-electric guitars. Housed in the familiar compact pedal chassis, the AD-2 features an Acoustic Resonance effect that recreates the complex tonal characteristics of an unplugged acoustic, plus a high-quality reverb optimized for acoustic guitar performance. The pedal also includes stage essentials like a notch filter for feedback reduction, a balanced DI output, and more.

An unplugged acoustic guitar produces a rich, complex tone that simply can’t be reproduced by the standard undersaddle piezo pickups installed on most stage guitars. Using powerful Boss technology, the AD-2’s Acoustic Resonance effect solves this issue by analyzing the input signal in real time and employing advanced processing to beautifully recreate the guitar’s natural acoustic tone. Twisting the one-knob control adjusts multiple parameters at once inside the AD-2, allowing players to achieve the perfect tonal balance for any style, from delicate fingerpicking to intense strumming.

With the AD-2’s Ambience effect, players can dial in studio-quality reverb for any performing environment. Unlike standard reverbs that can cloud an acoustic guitar’s sound, the optimized Boss algorithms in the AD-2 produce lush, deep ambience that perfectly complements the instrument’s voice. Like the Acoustic Resonance effect, a simple one-knob control tweaks many interlocked parameters under the hood, providing access to a wide range of detailed reverb sounds.

The AD-2 features two independent outputs for performance flexibility. Players can use the Output jack to connect to an acoustic guitar amp or stage monitor, and use the Line Out to send a balanced signal direct to a PA mixer. The AD-2 also provides low-frequency feedback reduction with an easy-to-use notch filter, and offers the ability to use the footswitch to mute the sound for switching guitars and tuning on stage.

Boss announces the CP-1X Compressor, a next-generation guitar compressor pedal powered by Boss’s Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology. Intelligent processing analyzes the input signal in multiple dimensions in real time, providing advanced dynamics control that never colors or muddies the guitar tone. Optimized for all types of guitars, the CP-1X delivers highly musical sounds for every style of playing.

Standard stompbox compressors color and restrict the sound, and are hard to dial in for various playing styles. The multiband CP-1X eliminates these drawbacks and more, opening up a world of expressive potential. The powerful MDP engine analyzes the guitar’s many different tonal elements as the user plays, providing natural compression that intelligently follows and adapts to various techniques. With this high-tech approach, the player’s true tone always comes through, even when using aggressive settings for effect.

With every guitar or playing style, the CP-1X always produces rich, musical tone. From mellow phrases and arpeggios to heavy rhythms, fast solos, and beyond, every nuance remains detailed and defined. In addition to standard six-string electrics, the CP-1X provides exceptional results with seven- and eight-string guitars, acoustic-electrics, and other extended-range instruments that usually don’t work well with standard pedal compressors.

The CP-1X’s simple, four-knob interface allows users to get high-end results quickly and easily. When a knob is turned, numerous interlocked parameters are adjusted under the hood, providing dynamics control and tone shaping ability previously attainable only with sophisticated studio processing.

The CP-1X features pro-level 18-volt input circuitry that provides ample headroom for the hottest guitar pickups, ensuring top performance with any instrument. A 16-segment gain reduction indicator clearly displays the compression amount, allowing the user to see how the compressor is working.

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