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Bowoo Guitar Cases Launches US-Made Case Line

New cases fit most electric or acoustic guitars with flexible padding blocks inspired by camera cases.

New York, NY (April 12, 2013) -- Bowoo NYC has launched, founded by a NYC musician/designer with the goal of designing the best guitar case in the world.

Bowoo Guitar Case is designed with the protection of a hard case with half the weight and the portability and flexibility of a gig bag. The cases are designed in New York City and handcrafted in Vermont, and are 100% USA Made.


• The exterior of the case is made with CORDURA Fabric. It's durable and resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs, and water.
• The Interior of the case is a soft and versatile material of which anything with velcro can be attached onto. A guitar neck rest block is included with every case.
• Details areas such as the case handles, headstock and soundhole paddings, shoulder strap paddings, are all made with genuine soft suede.
• Durable Construction with reinforced seams, metal hardware, double layered reinforced suede handles. Headstock and soundhole areas are all double padded with suede.
• Highly Protective rigid internal frame, abrasions resistant exterior, and a padded interior of 20mm of protection.
• Truly Portable strap that is interchangeable to either double shoulder backpack straps or single one-shoulder straps, so you don't have to buy extra straps. One strap, two ways.
• Bowoo Guitar Case will fit most guitars from an electric guitar up to a full size dreadnaught. Inspired by camera bag designs, the additional padding blocks will help to fit your guitar whatever the size may be.
• The exterior measures: 43.5"L x 17"W x 7.5"H
• The interior measures: 42.5"L x 16.5"W x 5.5"H
• Weights: 78 oz.

Additional padding blocks can be purchased to better fit smaller guitars.

For more information:
Bowoo NYC