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Buzz Feiten Announces New Line of Guitars

Buzz Feiten Announces New Line of Guitars

Guitarist Buzz Feiten has launched a new line of guitars.

Santa Monica, CA (June 19, 2013) -- Legendary guitar player Buzz Feiten announced today that his newly launched Buzz Feiten Guitars began taking orders from select guitar dealers on June 19, 2013. The new company manufactures and sells a line of electric guitars created entirely by Buzz Feiten.

The new line consists of five models, each featuring its own combination of woods and technical specifications in order to create a distinct acoustic personality. According to Buzz, “each of the five models represents my experience with a particular type of guitar, and each has its own unique features that give it a personality and acoustic signature of its own.”

The five models, which can be viewed on the company’s website, each have an alder core in combination with one of four different tonewoods – spruce, sugar pine, swamp ash or flame maple. According to Feiten: "Each wood has a tonal identity of its own, and by using a combination of instinct and experience, I’ve been able to create a unique acoustic signature for each model, so that the Player can choose the perfect match to fit their playing style."

Each model also features its own Buzz Feiten specially designed pickups which are Alinco 5 and hum-cancelling. “These pickups are designed to produce a warm, vintage tone, with incredible transparency and punch,” Feiten said. Four of the models also feature a custom-spaced, nickel-plated top-loaded bridge designed to improve playability and sustain and capture a vintage feel.

The five models have names which suggest their individual personalities. TPro, Blues Pro, Classic Pro, Elite Pro and the top-of-the-line Signature Elite. MAP prices range from a low of $1995 for the T-Pro to $2895 for the Signature Elite.

Feiten has had a legendary playing career, beginning in 1968 with the Butterfield Blues Band. Over the years he has played and recorded with many well-known artists and groups, including Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, The Rascals, Gregg Allman, Wilson Pickett, Kenny Logins, James Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Dave Weckl, Boz Scaggs, and other great blues, rock, jazz, pop, and fusion musicians. His discography includes well over 100 recordings with various bands and artists.

During his extensive playing career, Feiten developed a deep understanding of the technical and scientific foundation supporting the acoustics of fretted instruments. This led him to the conclusion that the commonly accepted method for tuning and intonating guitars was flawed. He therefore developed and patented a unique tuning system which consists of a series of pitch offset formulae to compensate for this flaw and achieve a more accurate, scientifically based tuning system.

Feiten’s understanding of the science of fretted instruments, coupled with his extensive playing experience, led him to his vision for a new and revolutionary guitar which incorporates all those instinctive and scientific changes he envisioned. These unique features have now been incorporated into the new line of Buzz Feiten Guitars.

To Feiten, these guitars are the culmination of a life-long ambition to build the very best electric guitar available to the best players. Speaking to this ambition, Feiten said: “The guitar has been my life. Throughout it I have had a vision to create the ultimate guitar for the serious player. Now I can say ‘here it is.’”

Buzz Feiten Guitars is being operated as a division of Precision Musical Instruments, LLC, an entity created by investors to provide the financing necessary to launch and sustain the new line of Buzz Feiten Guitars. Anthony Picadio, one of the owners and the senior executive of the new company, emphasized the level of commitment being made to support the Feiten efforts. “We have given Buzz everything he has needed to build guitars of the highest quality and we will continue to aggressively support an ambitious marketing program to spread the word about these incredible instruments.”

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