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Caparison Guitars Announces New Models and Upgrades

Caparison’s Option Control and EMG pickups are now available for the majority of Regular Series Models.

United Kingdom (April 18, 2012) -- Caparison guitars have introduced new models and superior upgrades, highlighting the company’s ability to produce some of the worlds finest Japanese made, high end, solid bodied electric guitars and basses.


The Dellinger-M3 series and Horus-M3 now incorporate composite tonewood bodies that feature a maple centre piece, enhancing note definition and mahogany wings that add a rich tone and sustain. The Dellinger-WM series and Horus-WM comprise a mahogany back and walnut top delivering a balanced sound throughout the frequency range. For certain models, a choice of maple or ebony fingerboard is available featuring binding that now extends to the headstock.


The though-neck TAT series, bolt-on Dellinger-M3 series and Horus-M3 are now offered in two delightful new, hand-applied sponge finishes ‘Snow Storm’ and ‘BlackRose’ the finishing technique results in each production model being visually unique.

Caparison’s Option Control is now available for the majority of Regular Series Models and provides a way of customizing the guitars electrics to suit the player’s requirements. An extra rotary control is fitted; its purpose depends on the customer specified ‘option’ of which there are four to choose from. Active EMG pickups are also a new option within most of the Regular Series models.

Caparison Guitars and Basses start from £1,679.

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