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Caparison Guitars Announces the Mattias "IA" Eklundh Signature Model

Caparison Guitars Announces the Mattias "IA" Eklundh Signature Model

The otherworldly shredder's namesake model features stainless steel frets, brass tremolo block, and noiseless springs.

Japan (July 30, 2020) -- New for 2020, the 8-string Caparison Apple Horn 8 features 27 stainless s teel True Temperament frets, and an all-new 8 string FU-Tone tremolo with Big Brass Block, heavy duty noiseless springs and Titanium string retaining blocks. The Caparison Apple Horn 8 is, in our humble opinion, the pinnacle of extreme guitar design. The Walnut and Mahogany tone wood composite body helps to maintain that essential note definition needed when dealing with avant-garde guitar tunings. The highs remain crystal clear with a distinctive bell like midrange and the low notes are tight yet thunderous.


The fast and comfortable hand finished, the beautiful 5-piece maple/walnut neck, offers up a security for its extensive size. In addition, two titanium rods were built into the neck, eliminating any chance of warping and increasing the guitar’s strength, stability and performance. Add to this the 27 fret True Temperament system on a select Ebony fingerboard and the exacting harmonics that this guitar produces sing out in perfect intonation.


“Every time I pick up the Caparison Apple Horn 8 I am utterly floored and flabbergasted by its playability and enormously rich tone. It’s like a chamber orchestra in one instrument!


“I take a humble, sincere Viking bow to my dear buddies at Caparison for making this happen. This is not just another guitar. It will take me a few years to fully understand the nature and the astonishing wide spectrum of the Apple Horn 8. I am looking forward to the ride.” – Mattias “IA” Eklundh

The Caparison Apple Horn 8 is available to order, MAP of US $5,599 (MSRP EURO €6,159).

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