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Caparison Guitars Releases the Dellinger Prominence

Caparison Guitars Releases the Dellinger Prominence

Both 6- and 7-string models are available.

Cardiff, United Kingdom (February 6, 2015) -- Caparison Guitars has unveiled their new Dellinger Prominence range of 6- and 7-string guitars, their first arched-top take on the well-regarded Caparison Dellinger. Featuring Caparison’s M3 construction – a maple section sandwiched between two mahogany sides – the 6-string version features a less traditional pickup configuration which consists of a full sized Caparison humbucker in the bridge but then a single coil pickup and a compact humbucker side by side and both in the neck position, taking up the same space as one traditional sized humbucker. This unconventional set up allows the player to access a wide palette of unusual but very usable tones via its 5-way blade selector switch.

The Dellinger 7 Prominence features the same curvaceous arched top as its 6-string counterpart while providing fans of the extended range that essential extra string! Both Dellinger Prominence Guitars feature an elegant design and a fresh yet supremely functional approach, the Dellinger Prominence is destined to become a classic in its own right.

Available in three new Transparent Spectrum ‘Pearlescent Aura’ colours.


  • M3 Body Construction (Central Maple section sandwiched between two mahogany sides)
  • Radical Pickup Configuration (6-string version)
  • Caparison Design pickups
  • Schaller Model M, 5-way MegaSwitch
  • Trans. Spectrum ‘Pearlescent Aura’ finishes

Designed, manufactured and hand finished in Japan the Caparison Dellinger Prominence guitars are now available at a MAP retail price of US $2,659 for the 6 string, and US $3,119 for the 7 string.

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