Catalinbread Releases F*ck It. You Build It. Kits

The kits are launching with the HyperPak and V8 Fuzztone Generator.

Portland, OR (January 6, 2011) -- Catalinbread has begun selling two pedal kits: the HyperPak and V8 Fuzztone Generator. The kits are called "F*ck It. You Build It." and include all of the necessary components.

The HyperPak was inspired by the Anderton Tube Sound Fuzz and uses a CD4007 chip. The V8 Fuzztone Generator was an evolution of the HyperPak designed to be "fuzzy and bass heavy that self osciallated in a cool way." Both kits include a high quality, thru-hole plated circuit board and are available for $59.95 through the end of January. Normal MSRP is $89.95.

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