Chandler Limited Introduces the GAV19T Guitar Amplifier

Shell Rock, IA (January 15, 2012) – Chandler Limited is pleased to introduce the GAV19T Guitar Amplifier. As a cathode biased, class A, all-tube, 19-watt guitar amp designed in

Shell Rock, IA (January 15, 2012) – Chandler Limited is pleased to introduce the GAV19T Guitar Amplifier. As a cathode biased, class A, all-tube, 19-watt guitar amp designed in the vein of classic English amplifiers, the GAV19T delivers a big, vintage sound—making this amplifier head the perfect choice for recording guitarists. Chandler Limited will also offer guitarists a selection of loudspeaker enclosures optimized for use with the GAV19T Guitar Amplifier.

Of particular note, the new GAV19T Guitar Amplifier incorporates its overdrive and tone circuitry directly within the power section. This design enables the GAV19T to be highly overdriven while still maintaining the amplifier’s classic tone.

The drive portion of the GAV19T is a boost / overdrive circuit that works only on the power section of the amplifier. As is widely recognized among guitarists, power section distortion is a pleasing type of distortion. As a result, instead of adding preamp gain and distortion to achieve the overdrive effect, the GAV19T uses the power amp. The Drive has two controls: (1) the amount of boost, and (2) the tone of the boost. Guitarists can choose four selections or bypass. The tone selections are:

• Treble Boost - as a guitarist would expect, from a treble boost pedal.
• Full range - full frequency boost, but with the very low frequencies filtered out.
• Aggressive - drives a wide frequency range with an emphasis on the upper midrange.
• Mids - drives the entire circuit, with an emphasis on the lower midrange.

Equally notable, Tone can be selected as either Normal or Intense. This is achieved by a slight unbalance in the matching of GAV19T’s push-pull power section. This removes some low mids and also makes the tone more aggressive by adding some ‘grit’ and attack to the sound.

The tone control section of the new GAV19T Guitar Amplifier has a Baxendall tone stack that uses an ECC803 tube. Baxendall was chosen because it best preserves the natural tone of the amplifier. This section is set up to function much as a treble boost pedal might be. The boost is considerable and the range is wide. It can be used to smoothly drive the amp and color the tone.

The GAV19T’s Bias control affects only the bias of the preamp tube—enabling the guitarist to gently tweak its overall tone independently of the power section. This enables the tube to run hotter or colder and change the responsiveness of the amp while also affecting the sustain and frequency response. Setting #1 is slightly over-biased while setting #2 is similar to a Marshall bias. Setting #3 is similar to a Selmer and settings #4 and 5 are under-biased and add sustain and character to the amp’s sound.

The Chandler Limited GAV19T Guitar Amplifier carries a MSRP of $2,385.00.The products is expected to become available mid-January. The optionally available Chandler Limited loudspeaker enclosures are manufactured on a made-to-order basis—enabling guitarists to create a system that is best suited for their particular musical applications.

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