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Codella Guitars Announces the Stormchaser

Codella Guitars Announces the Stormchaser
The Stormchaser

Patent-pending tremolo stabilizer keeps the tremolo fixed during heavy string bends.

San Jose, CA (July 22, 2014) -- Codella Guitars is a new, family operated, California-based guitar company that is bringing Silicon Valley innovation to the the instrument.

Codella Guitars stands out in the crowded guitar space by offering unique design features not found anywhere else, along with the perfect balance of aesthetics, playability, and tone. The Codella family is committed to using U.S.-made components and materials wherever possible and all guitars are assembled by hand in the family-owned facility.

An early supporter of Codella Guitars has been GRAMMY-nominated artist Anthony Gonzalez of M83, who had this to say about the instrument: “When you play on a Codella guitar, you can feel all the love they put in their instruments. The finish is just impeccable as well as the sound of it. Codella makes beautiful guitars for guitar lovers.”


  • Simple Truss - Codella Guitars have their truss rod adjustments at the heel of the neck. Normally inaccessible and burdensome, this patent pending invention greatly simplifies truss rod adjustment.
  • Magnetic Rear Access Panel - Neodymium magnets securely hold the back access cover, yet can be removed by applying pressure at a specified point.
  • Tremolizer - Patent pending tremolo stabilizer keeps the tremolo fixed during heavy string bends and maintains tuning in the event of a broken string.
  • Back Panel Tool Chest - The most commonly used Allen wrenches are secured in a handy compartment in the rear tremolo cavity.
  • Flush Mount Pick-guard - The pick-guard is held in place by machine screws and threaded inserts.

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