Cort Releases the Action HH4 Bass

The bass offers a unique wiring configuration and an active/passive switching option.

Seoul, South Korea (September 6, 2019) -- Cort expands the versatility of its Action Series of bass guitars with the new Action HH4, which provides players a two-humbucker configuration capable of producing a variety of sounds. In a series known for its affordability as well as its high craftsmanship, the Action HH4 stands out for its unique wiring configuration and its active/passive switching option that expands the tonal palette. A choice of three pearloid colors—Blood Red Metallic, Tasman Light Blue, and Black—allows players to get the look they desire at a price point they can afford. Additionally, the 5-string Action HH5 is available to players who desire greater range.

The Action HH4 features a pair of new VTB-H humbucker pickups with Alnico V magnets for a smooth, musical sound, with a powerful yet articulate punch in the low-midrange and bass registers. This is where the specially wired 5-way switch offers a distinct advantage, giving players the ability to choose each pickup on its own or both, as well as two parallel modes with the two inside coils or two outside coils. The tone control has also been wired to be usable in the passive setting for even more tonal variety. Volume, bass and treble knobs complete the Action HH4’s electronic specs.

Excellent material choice and construction also factor into the Action HH4’s adaptability. The meranti body offers similar tonal characteristics to mahogany, with a strong low-midrange that can cut through the mix for rhythm and also provide sweet highs for singing leads. The Canadian hard maple neck provides power and stability as well as a warm, beefy and punchy tone with a strong upper midrange. This maple is dense and rigid, but has the right amount of tactile flexibility with the ability to respond sensitively to picking attack and slapping techniques with plenty of articulation and power. Assisting in the response is the jatoba fingerboard, which is dense and stiff, but can produce strong fundamentals and volume project with emphasis on the high-mids. Overall, the Action HH4’s bolt-on neck offers 24 frets at a 34-inch (864 mm) scale.

In designing the body of the Action HH4, Cort has taken both appearance and ergonomics into account. The elegantly contoured arm cut on the top of this guitar and others in the Action series has been carefully executed for maximum comfort without removing unnecessary amounts of wood. Rounding out the features are die-cast tuners, chrome hardware and an EB6 (4) bridge on the Action HH4 and EB6 (5) bridge on the Action HH5.

The Action HH4 bass guitar from Cort is available at MSRP U.S. $499.99, while the Action HH5 is available at MSRP U.S. $549.99.

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