A vintage-inspired fuzz with modern features.

Athens, Greece (March 18, 2019) -- We are excited to announce that our newest fuzz creation, the Limelight has entered production phase.

Introduced at NAMM 2019, Limelight is a vintage inspired/modern implemented fuzz/distortion unit. It was designed to pay tribute to the first commercially available US made fuzz unit, its British derivatives and their offsprings.

At the heart of the circuit you will find three hand selected NOS Germanium transistors. Rather than building a part-for-part clone we chose to design a circuit that could deliver from classically voiced fuzz/distortion tones to modern synth-gated fuzz with the twist of a knob.

The beam knob is where all this magic happens. It is a meticulously designed bias circuit that instantly transforms your sound. Combined with the wide range of the gain knob the selection of fuzz varieties is virtually limitless. But there is more than that. Limelight is probably the first fuzz pedal with fat clean boost sounds available on tap. Set gain at minimum settings, beam all the way up and drive your amp to sonic bliss with all the qualities of germanium.

Each unit is hand built and tested in our workshop in Athens, Greece, features true bypass switching and operates with external 9V DC power supply or 9V battery. As a PNP germanium fuzz machine, Limelight is a positive ground circuit – we recommend using an isolated power supply or 9V battery for optimum performance. Max current consumption 7mA.

Limelight is now available to order via selected dealers and our online store.

MAP: 189 Euro

Watch the company's video demo:

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