D'Addario Releases the XPND Expandable Pedalboard

The board is available in one- or two-row configurations and lets you instantly change the size of your board.

Farmingdale, NY (February 4, 2021) -- Available this spring, D’Addario is proud to introduce XPND, a game-changing telescoping pedalboard.

With its patented telescoping technology, XPND lets you instantly change the size of your board and the number of pedals –forever expanding your sonic potential and continually adapting to your needs. XPND features aircraft-quality rails that easily adjust in and out, a unique cable management system, and is fitted with hook and loop fastener tape, keeping everything neat while making swapping pedals super easy. 

Available in one or two-row configurations, guitarists will take comfort in knowing they will never outgrow their XPND Pedalboard.

The XPND product line will also include an optional Pedal Riser, allowing the player to elevate individual pedals that may be hard to access, and premium quality, optional Backline XPND Pedalboard Transporter bags for both models. The transporter bag will adapt quickly to any sized pedalboard, with customizable partitions that easily adjust to create a uniquely snug and secure fit.

“This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding innovation projects our team has ever completed,” states Jim D’Addario, Chief Innovation Officer. “This istruly a game-changer.”

PW-XPNDPB-01 - XPND 1 – one row (2 rail) Pedalboard - $79.99
PW-XPNDPB-02 - XPND 2 – two row (4 rail) Pedalboard - $169.99
PW-BLPBT-01 - Small Backline Pedalboard Transporter - $69.99
PW-BLPBT-02 - Large Backline Pedalboard Transporter - $139.99

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