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Danelectro Unveils the 64XT

Danelectro Unveils the 64XT

Check out the new reissue of the classic offset double-cutaway model.

Irvine, CA (December 12, 2019) -- Danelectro’s ultra cool ‘64XT is a modern and authentic adaptation of the classic off-set, reversed double cutaway from the 1950’s. Finished in Black, Vintage Cream, Aqua, Dark Red and 3 Tone Sunburst, the ‘64XT includes the company’s familiar 'coke bottle’ headstock, allowing straight string pull which, with a precision cut graphite nut, ensures the Wilkinson vibrato bridge system returns to zero pitch every time.

The ‘64XT’s hardware and electrics also include a single coil pickup with large housing angled at the neck and a dual humbucking lipstick pickup installed at the opposite angle at the bridge. Controls include a master volume and master tone control with coil tap for the bridge pickup and 3-way selector switch.

Even from a distance, you can’t mistake the art-deco looks and unmistakable vibe of a Danelectro guitar, one of the few guitar brands that can truly be described as legendary, classic, iconic, retro, cool, hip and trendy.

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