The company's first amp features 6V6 tubes, a 12" Weber Blue Dog Alnico speaker, and a bias-modulating tremolo.

Zionsville, IN (June 18, 2019) -- Stepping out from the company’s established line of build to order guitar amplifiers, de Lisle Guitar Company has introduced its first readily available boutique tube amp.

A truly unique de Lisle design, the Quadralux Reverb offers guitarists the versatility of four vintage inspired tube amps in one portable package; including the tweed 5E3 Deluxe, tweed 5F11 Vibrolux, Princeton Reverb, and a variation de Lisle’s own Rutgers Reverb.

Quadralux Reverb features include:

  • Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • 12” Weber Blue Dog Alnico
  • Tube-driven spring reverb
  • Bias modulating tremolo
  • All-tube design: 2 x 6V6, 1 x 12AT7, 3 x 12AX7, 1 x 5AR4
  • Tweed controls: volume, tone, speed, and intensity
  • Blackface controls: volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed, intensity
  • Front panel channel and bias switching
  • Completely hand-wired
  • Gold plated turrets and silver plated Teflon wire
  • 34-pound combo, 20 x 18.75 x 10.5

The Quadralux Reverb is designed and built in Zionsville, Indiana USA. Street price is $2,299 for the 1x12 combo and $1,999 for the head.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
de Lisle Guitar Company

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