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Dingwall Basses Announces 2014 Line–Including Super PJ, Combustion, and Adam Getgood Signature Models

The NG-2 features Dingwall FD3n pickups and a custom Darkglass 3-band pre-amp.


Dingwall Afterburner HS

Saskatoon, SK (January 22, 2014) -- The all new Afterburner HS (Heavy, Solid) model features a solid bubinga body with a variety of top choices and neck materials. Dingwall has always made lightness of weight a top priority but with the HS the goal is to satisfy the needs of the player looking for the extreme sustain and attack of a heavier bass. Available in 2x and 3x pickup configurations, passive, 2-band or 3-band electronics options.

The Combustion has been the best selling model in Dingwall history. New for 2014 is a 3-band EMG pre-amp, FD3n (neodymium) pickups, a magnetic battery compartment, a sleeker 240 mm radius Fretboard and the optional Swamp Ash body.

Adam “Nolly” Getgood has been making a name for himself in the low-tuned progressive metal scene both as the bass player for Periphery and as producer of Animals as Leaders. Dingwall basses have been a key part of Adam’s signature tone for the last two years.

We are proud to announce the NG-2 Adam “Nolly” Getgood signature model. Featuring an Alder body, 5 pc maple neck, maple fretboard, Dingwall FD3n pickups, a custom Darkglass 3-band pre-amp. Adam wanted the bass to be affordable, have a distinctive custom car look, and be able to deliver the tight, controlled bottom end that he uses live and in the studio. Available colors include Black, Ferrari Yellow, Ferrari Green, Ferrari Red and Laguna Seca Blue.

The NG-2 comes stock tuned to B standard but can be setup for F# standard using Dingwall custom gauge strings or just about any tuning imaginable using Circle K custom gauge strings.

The all new Super J series features the thinline body dimension for increased punch with lower weight. All controls are rear-routed now with the addition of available options such as individual series/parallel switching for each pickup and a 3-band Glockenklang pre-amp. Custom FD3 pickups are now standard and come in both 2x and the optional 3x array to cover a huge variety of traditional and modern tones.

As soon as we launched the Super P we started getting requests for a Super PJ. The PJ has always seemed like a bit of a compromise to us. Getting the J bridge to blend well with a P neck pickup is not as simple as it might seem. We spent a lot of time working on the bridge pickup and it's position. The results are that the pickups compliment each really nicely and the parallel combined tone is one of the best we’ve heard on any bass.

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