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Dophix Pedals Unveils the Michelangelo Overdrive Plus

A boost/overdrive combo that uses silicon, germanium, and JFET tones.

Florence, Italy (August 8, 2019) -- Dophix presents the Michelangelo Overdrive Plus, whcih combines the dynamics of a valve sound with the definition of pedal effect.

The heart of Michelangelo is made entirely of JFET transistors, which characterize a dynamic and warm sound recreating the effect produced by a valve head. Thanks to the three position switch it is possible to select three distortion modes with silicon, germanium, and JFET semiconductors.

The possibility to choose the type of distortion makes Michelangelo extremely flexible, with distor-tions that offer the whole range from a boost, to light crunch, to overdrive up to a very defined dis-tortion typical of the one produced by a valve head. Another great feature of Michelangelo is the presence of a preamplifier and an output boost, both separately controllable and activated through a dedicated “BOOST” footswitch. In fact, there are two independent true bypass footswitches: DRIVE activate/deactivate the drive ef-fect and BOOST activate/deactivate the preamp, the output boost or both. A second toggle switch al-lows to keep the preamp always active or only in correspondence of the BOOST footswitch on.

The preamplifier acts on the amplitude of the input signal to the amplification and distortion section of Michelangelo. The control is made available through the dedicated PRE knob: in this way a further management of the desired sound is obtained by acting exclusively on the preamplifier.

The PRE level control has an excursion from 0 to 15 dB: PRE at minimum therefore has no effect on the input signal, leaving it unaltered, while PRE at maximum brings the input signal to be amplified by 15 dB before being put into entry to the DRIVE section of Michelangelo.

With the PRE switch set to the OFF position, the preamplifier will only be activated when the BOOST foot switch is activated. If the PRE switch is in the ON position, the preamplifier will be active regard-less of the on / off status of the BOOST footswitch. The preamplifier left on the ON position allows a very precise control of the saturation and attack level of the DRIVE sound, while the OFF position of the PRE selector allows a “more gain” effect hooked up to the activation of the BOOST footswitch.

Led light on/off status indicator of the DRIVE and BOOST effect addition to the LED at the base always active.

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