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Dophix Presents the David Distortion

A three-knob distortion that's part of the company's Three Naked Men series.

Florence, Italy (September 7, 2018) -- Dophix presents the heroic pedal that is part of the Three Naked Men trilogy, pedals inspired by David, Neptune, and Perseus, heroic figures which embody the ideals of strength and courage and also masterpieces of sculpture, symbols of Florence, the cradle of the Dophix pedals.

This pedal is characterized by a strong sound and character. The care taken in the creation of the circuit and the warm characteristic of the sound make it a pedal with a very wide range of action, in the studio as well as during live evenings.

  • Analog effect
  • Jack input/output placed sideways to the pedal
  • Three controls dedicated to the gain, tone (Gas), and volume
  • The front LED indicates the status of the effect activation
  • The dynamic gain control allows to obtain a wide range of distortion
  • True bypass switch and carbon paste resistors

David distortion is available now for $200.

Watch the company's video demo:

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