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Dr. No Effects Announces the Colossus

Dr. No Effects Announces the Colossus

A high-gain booster combined with some fuzz and octave elements.

The Netherlands (March 2, 2018) -- The Colossus is a high-gain booster with the character of a gritty fuzz, like we know of Ruben Block’s famous guitar tone. Together with this high-gain booster, the Colossus has an Octavia fuzz built-in that can operate together but also independently from the Booster. There are many possibilities with the Colossus. For example, the Booster has a fine to be adjusted Volume, Tone, Bass and Gain knobs. The Octavia Fuzz has a Octavia Fuzz Volume on the right-hand side and a two-position Gain switch.

The Colossus was developed in close cooperation with Ruben Block to broaden its famous and signature sound, that is now also available for the heavy minded Boutique Guitar Effects lovers.

The Colossus has been used and can also be heard on Triggerfinger’s latest album with the same titled, Colossus.

The Buttons are handmade by an American fine metal worker, who put a lot of effort and time into manufacturing these beautiful solid brass buttons, resulting in these million dollar looking knobs. These are a custom made series only available with the Colossus.

The Colossus Housing has a rustic rust powder coating that is hand-screen printed with a custom made four-color design in the Art Deco style.

The Colossus is a limited edition, hand-crafted individually from A to Z, and hand-signed but also numbered by Ruben Block and Dr. No.


  • Power: 9v, 2.1mm jack
  • Current draw: 50/100mA
  • Function Booster: Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, On/Off footswitch with led indicator.
  • Function Octavia: Volume, Two way Toggle (Right side of the pedal), On/Off footswitch with led indicator.
  • Coating: Powder Coated Iron Oxide
  • Front and back design: Handslikscreened
  • Knobs: Custom handmade solid brass. (Knobs color varies from picture cause of the brass, and will oxidize beautifully over time).

Price: €274

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