Dr. No Effects Releases the Mini Turd Fuzz

A mini version of the company's fecal-themed fuzz.

Eindhoven, Netherlands (October 24, 2017) -- The Mini Turd Fuzz is a more pedalboard friendly version of the famous foam Turd Fuzz released in early 2016, which was a great succes.

The Mini Turd Fuzz, houses exactly the same cicuit but with a bonus Fuzz Volume to adjust the fuzz gain that makes it even more versatile. The knob is a custom-made tiny version of the big foam Turd Fuzz.

It is a heavy and dirty, old-fashioned fuzz equipped with two NOS BC109C transistors. It cleans up beautifully when dailing back the volume on your guitar. The Mini Turd Fuzz is dailed in and more than useful for both guitar and bass.

The new Mini Turd Fuzz comes with a custom made and silk-screened box, a cotton silk-screened logo saving bag for the pedal and of course some complimentary goodies, like stickers and keychains.

Retail price is €179,-/$210,51. The Mini Turd Fuzz will be available for purchase October, 28th 2017.

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Dr. No Effects

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