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Dr. Z Announces the Z Wreck Jr

Dr. Z Announces the Z Wreck Jr

A 15-watt version that comes in at around half the price of the original.

Cleveland, OH (February 5, 2020) -- Building on the legacy of the landmark Z Wreck amplifier, Dr. Z Amplification has released a 15-watt version, dubbed the Z Wreck Jr. Controlling the volume level without compromising the character and harmonic overtones of the original Z Wreck formula became the challenge Dr. Z took up over nearly a year of development. The new Z Wreck Jr. answers all concerns. As a half-powered sibling of the original Z Wreck, the Z Wreck Jr. introduces a post-phase inverter master volume circuit into the design ideal for studios, small clubs, and worship venues. Now the magical place between chiming clean and blooming overdrive that the Z Wreck was lauded for is at the player’s fingertips at any volume level, be it full bore on stage, or at home in the practice room.

The Z Wreck Jr. features:

  • A half powered dual 6n14n (mil-spec EL84) power section derived from the collaborative effort by Dr. Z, Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Circuits, and country superstar Brad Paisley.
  • A specifically tuned master volume circuit to produce rich, harmonic overdrive at any volume level.
  • Available as a 1x12 combo or head/cab configuration and loaded with a UK-made Celestion Greenback speaker, the voice of countless recordings through the decades.
  • A 5Y3 rectifier tube designed to coax fluid, tactile response; a conduit between the player’s fingers and the tones singing from the speaker.
  • Hand-wired turret board construction assembled in Cleveland, OH utilizing high-quality Heyboer, Triad, and Mallory components.

The Z Wreck Jr. head retails for $1649, and the 1x12 combo for $1899, nearly half the price of the original Z Wreck.

The Z Wreck Jr. is available for sale at authorized Dr. Z dealers.

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