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DSM Noisemaker Releases the Sub Atomic X-Over CMOS Bass Drive

The pedal processes the highs and lows separately to get a dynamic and aggressive distortion on the mid-highs and a tight low end.

Santiago, Chile (June 4, 2019) -- DSM Noisemaker, the Chilean boutique pedal company, has announced the upcoming release of its newest pedal, the Sub Atomic X-Over CMOS Bass Drive.

The Sub Atomic processes the highs and lows separately to get a dynamic and aggressive distortion on the mid-highs, and a clean, tight and warm low end, thanks to its unique cascaded CMOS architecture. As usual with DSM Noisemaker products, versatility with no compromises is a checked box.

On the High side, Sub Atomic has a High Drive control, ranging from sparkly cleans to all out grind. A Drive Voice switch offers High Boost, Mid Boost or flat response options.

Sub Atomic’s clean Sub (Lows) side can be tailored using the Sub LPF switch, with 100Hz, 1kHz or no cut options. Just try the Sub LPF at 100Hz, Drive Voice at Treble boost, and get a scooped monster tone, or just the Sub side cutting 1kHz for a Motown vibe warmer than the sun thanks to the tubey vibe from the CMOS inverters.

With the Blend control, you can get the perfect balance between distorted highs and lows, and then find the right amount of high end smoothness with the Tone control.

The Sub Atomic is the first fully featured bass drive in a mini format. Together with the Omnicabsim mini, they make a truly ready to rock, fire breathing setup that fits in the palm of your hand.

While Sub Atomic will be available in stores in August, 2019, DSM Noisemaker is offering a pre-order discount on their website until July 15th, 2019.

Watch the company's video demo:

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