This run will be limited to 50 pieces with a portion of the proceeds going to fund women's health charities.

Eau Claire, WI (July 17, 2019) -- Dwarfcraft is bringing back another old friend. The SheFuzz is a wild fuzz, much loved by guitarists like Wata from Boris. SheFuzz is ready to work for anyone looking for a rough and tumble new sound or some intense, noisy exploration. SheFuzz (the pedal) will be followed closely by the SheFuzz zine and mixtape! 10% of proceeds from all SheFuzz projects will be donated to fund abortions where they are most needed. These are limited to 50 units, hand-printed by Pinebox Customs. They will go up for sale on July 23, 2019 at and select retailers.


  • Grinding fuzz with short to medium decay
  • Vintage tinged octave up sounds activated by toggle
  • Power starve activated by toggle switch or momentary footswitch
  • Bizarre compression effects via toggle
  • Gate control varies decay time in all settings, changes oscillation pitch in starved settings
  • 125B size enclosure
  • Runs on the industry standard 9v DC power supply
  • True Bypass switching
  • MSRP $179

Watch the company's video demo:

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