A 100-watt tube preamp that fits within a three-space rack.

Lake Dallas, TX (March 6, 2020) -- Dynamo Amplification is proud to introduce the Flight Rig, A hybrid all tube preamp with a 100-watt solid-state power amp in a lighter rack design ideal for traveling. After doing R&D with touring artist, it was found that modern tour schedules have an increasing amount of fly dates to festivals, casinos, and cruise ships that generate clusters of road shows around the country. Artist are now relying more on venue provided equipment resulting in only traveling with floorboards systems and lightweight profiler/modeling amps. As an alternative Dynamo designed the Flight Rig to provide a true analog tube tone with a 2-channel GTS pre-amp running four 12AX7 tubes at the same plate voltage as the GTS tube heads to produce the same dynamics and tones. It features premium components such as Mil-Spec RV4 Control pots, Audiophile grade components for extreme definition and warmth, and an integrated Sonic Enhancer circuit for Presence and Depth control. The power amp is a current feedback Solid-State design that simulates the tonal properties and speaker reactance of a power tube output for the ultimate tone! This beautiful blue 3-up rack is available with black or nickel hardware for an introductory price $1,199.

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