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EBS Announces Session 120 and Reidmar 250 Amps

EBS Announces Session 120 and Reidmar 250 Amps

The Reidmar 250 is the first lightweight bass head from EBS and the EBS Session 120 is a 120-watt RMS tilt-back bass combo.

Bromma, Sweden (January 4, 2012) -- EBS Professional Bass Equipment has announced the release of two new bass amps: the Session 120 and Reidmar 250.

Session 120
The Session amp's character is based on the EBS Classic 450 head scaled down to fit this mid sized bass combo perfectly and tailored to match the physics of the cabinet and the carefully selected speaker and tweeter. All together designed to offer a natural, full bodied and warm bass sound with great definition, punch and bottom – in the true spirit of EBS. The EBS Session 120 is meant to be a serious alternative for any musician in need of a mid sized bass combo.

The amp features a 3-band EQ with Bass, Mid and Treble controls, Character filter for a mid scooped preshaped sound, Balanced XLR-output, Aux-input with mix-in control for play along rehearsal or monitor use and a Headphones output. All in a vintage-looking tilt-back style outfit.

Reidmar 250
Rather than simply create a small and lightweight product, EBS have carefully developed the Reidmar 250 to feature the same tonal quality as their renowned full size solid state heads. The result is a lightweight bass head designed to offer natural uncolored tone and clear definition whatever the playing style, with the look and feel of a bass amp.

The EBS Reidmar 250 does not feature an automatic limiter that reduces headroom and destroys the definition of low-end at loud volume levels. Instead it is engineered to simulate natural amp distortion when pushed to its limits, allowing users to take full advantage of the 250W available and create the impression of a much stronger amp.

Anyone familiar with EBS bass amps will feel at home with the Reidmar 250. The highly acclaimed manually operated compressor and the 4-band EQ-section with Bright and Notch filters retains much of the EBS HD350 and TD660 amps front panel layout. Other features include an Effects Loop (send and return), Balanced XLR-out for live and studio use (with pre/post EQ switch and Ground Lift), Line Out, Headphone Output and a Speakon speaker output.

The amp utilises an analogue preamp with a Class-D power amp providing 250 W RMS @ 4 ohms.  It weighs in at a mere 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs)!

The Reidmar 250 is perfectly matched with a pair of EBS ClassicLine mini size 110 or 112 cabinets, or the NeoLine mini size cabinets to create an extremely portable but fully featured mini stack, or with any single full size EBS cabinet rated 4 ohms.

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